Research Fellowship

Minimum of 6 months, recommended at least 1 year

One-on-one tutoring

Each fellow will be assigned to a personal tutor who will be in charge to assist him/her during attendance period for research related activities.


• advanced echo quantitation using 2D and 3D software tools specific for the research project
• writing scientific papers
• preparing abstracts for scientific meetings
• preparing Power-point presentations and posters

Research Echo lab

• access by a pre-defined time slot to a dedicated lab equipped with state-of-the-art and prototype echo scanners
• access to 2D and 3D digital image databases, post-processing software tools and e-resources

Study hall

access to high tech classroom available, designed and equipped with the latest educational technologies to allow to study in the best of an intimate setting.


• free training package (see Training package) to link to the Training web page
• free access to the theoretical lectures of advanced echo courses (if run during fellowship period):
 - 3D echo intensive course
 - 3D strain course

Walk-in advising at the University International Office

Information regarding traveling and assistance in finding optimal housing solutions


Italian, English, Romanian.

For further information, contact  mail  Ms Barbara Hildenbrand.